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ACEMIS FRANCE present at the SFTS fair in Marseille – 2021

By Automatic blood component

Acémis France participated in the last congress of the Société Française de Transfusion Sanguine, which was held in Marseille from November 24 to 26, 2021. More than 900 delegates were present at this fair.

The opportunity for Acémis to reiterate its commitment as an innovative French supplier and manufacturer in the field of the preparation of Labile Blood Products.

French, Belgian, Swiss and Luxembourg Blood Transfusion players have shown great interest in our latest innovation, the automated CAD agitation duration and transfer (C-CAD).

The C-CAD, currently being deployed on all the preparation platforms for Labile Blood Products, has been installed in 2 regions (Bourgogne Franche Comté and Grand Est). The deployment schedule plans to install more than 40 pieces of equipment in all regions of the EFS (mainland and overseas departments)

We thank all those involved in the preparation of Labile Blood Products from the EFS, as well as the Red Cross blood centers of Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland for the trust they place in us on a daily basis.


ACEMIS France wins the national contract for the supply of an automated CAD agitation duration and transfer

By Acemis France, Automatic blood component

Shortly after obtaining our ISO 13485 certification, we were awarded the national contract for the supply of an automated CAD agitation duration and transfer by the French Blood Establishments.

The automated CAD is an automatic process (the C-CAD) performed under horizontal agitation of the Platelet Concentrate bags enabling automatic transfer bag to bag fluid in closed circuit and temperature controlled.

What does the automation of this process bring?

– Optimized management of working time for operators who perform these tasks manually, weekends and holidays included. C-CAD provides simultaneous processing of multiple pockets of platelet concentrates

– The constant quality of product transfer thanks to the standardization of operations

– Full traceability of all data and process steps performed by the automated CAD.

Obtaining ISO 13485 certification

By Automatic blood component

Very good news for ACEMIS France!

Good morning all.

We are proud to announce that we have just obtained ISO 13485 certification for our medical device design and manufacture activity.

What is ISO 13485: 2016?

It is an internationally recognized certification. It guarantees the compliance of our quality management system for the medical device industry, in accordance with the regulations in force.

This accreditation complements our ISO 9001: 2015 certification; the opportunity for ACEMIS France to reiterate its total commitment to its customers to provide them with an irreproachable quality of service and its desire to be a privileged partner of actors in the world of health.