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Looking for an industrial for developing your ideas?

In partnership with Blood Transfusion major international actors, we have accompanied them in every aspect of their automation projects by designing and manufacturing automatic component extractors for three generations.

Right from the early stages, we are ready to partner you on your project and help you bring it to successful fruition thanks to our network of local reliable partners in the following areas: mechanics, fine sheet metal, plastics and engineering design.

Today, we support you on your projects concerning the development of blood processing equipments for Labile Blood Products.

Right from the early stages, ACÉMIS France supports you on your project

Draft-design, identification of user needs

Study and conception

Engineering design


Manufacturing and assembly



Success Story

T-ACE II+, more than 2000 devices around the world!

Developed and manufactured by ACÉMIS France, the T-ACE component extractor has progressed as a world reference since its launch in 1994.

Over the years, T-ACE gave way to T-ACE II and then T-ACE II+ with more than 2000 running devices around the world.

ACÉMIS France has the appropriate skills and know-how to improve the current generation of blood component extractors.