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Our goal
satisfy our customers

With this in mind, ACEMIS France makes quality a priority, both with respect to our customers, suppliers and employees.

To perform in reaching our common goal,
our quality policy is based on two strategic axes:

A quality policy that commits the company’s mangement board

  • Quality department independent from production services,
  • Implementation of necessary resources for continuous improvement,
  • Listening and dialogue to meet employees’ expectations,
  • Quality objectives are submitted and followed.

Our commitments with our customers and employees

  • Honour customers’ orders in terms of handling quality and reliability,
  • Fulfill our commitments and delivery delays,
  • Take into account the customer requirements and ensure his satisfaction,
  • Continuously improve quality management system efficiency,
  • Involve employees in decision-making to achieve the quality goals that have been set.

Experience of our employees, quality of our production machines, rigor into our quality organization guide us through the satisfaction of our current customers.

Acemis France

ACÉMIS FRANCE is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified.


Our willingness to move forward and improve our contractor services efficiency led us to comply with ISO 9001-2015 requirements.

We have been ISO 9002 certified since 1999 and received ISO 9001 certification in 2002. This accreditation has been renewed several times, the last one dating from October 2020.

In March 2021, we obtained ISO 13485 certification for our medical device design and manufacturing activity. This internationally recognized certification guarantees the compliance of our quality management system for the medical device industry, in accordance with the regulations in force.

Electrostatic discharge

ACÉMIS France site is in Cugnaux near Toulouse, in Occitanie, a region of southern France and is situated just 20 km from Blagnac Airport and Saint-Martin Complex.
Our electronic workshop covers an area of 900 square meters and is specifically dedicated to the production of electronic equipments

  • ESD protection,
  • controlled temperature,
  • antistatic workstations,
  • antistatic chairs,
  • antistatic personal protections (blouses, shoes)…

Rohs and non-rohs components

We manage your projects from A to Z according to ROHS and non-ROHS directives.

On the one hand in the purchase of your components:
We separately codify and manage ROHS and non-ROHS components.

On the other hand in our manufacturing process:
We are able to offer you ROHS or non-ROHS manufacturing process.

MSL and dry pack know-how

We have a dry pack packing station and several dry cabinets to store them.

These systems allow us to improve and guarantee the end-product quality.